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Women Colleagues

The Savvy Women Academy

Here to Educate, Motivate, Empower, and 
Encourage women to be the best
version of themselves. 

Welcome to the Savvy Academy, this program was designed to be a community for female visionaries and entrepreneurs to hit their goals. This academy allows you to have direct access to business development, investment learning opportunities, and be surrounded by like-minded entrepreneurs to build community through courses, content, and coaching.

Business Discussion
Business Meeting

Toast Masters Savvy

Teaching women leadership skills, networking, building relationships, and public speaking using their skills & voice boldly and confidently.  (12-Weeks)

A business meeting

Savvy Women Masterclass

The Savvy Women Monthly Masterclass is a membership community designed for likeminded career & business women to cultivate, connect, and collect…

their coins, that is! (16-Weeks)

Business Meeting

Business-Based Learning (BBL)

Teaching women the proper business etiquette for success in their business. Social media etiquette, networking etiquette, business scaling, all things business and so much more. (12-Weeks)

Looking to grow in your career or business?
Learn more about our programs in a FREE Training. 

Toast Master Savvy

Toast Master Savvy

Outdoor Seating

Savvy Women Masterclass

Conference Seating

Business-Based Learning

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