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Side Hustle School: Hobby Turned to Income

Welcome to the Side Hustle School for anyone looking to turn their Hobby into income.

In this group, you will learn how to earn income from your Hobby or Idea. You will gain the resources and tools on how to grow and market your business using Social Media and other online resources.

Your host, Ashley McMillan is a start-up business and online business expert with 10 years of management business consultation and is Certified Business Management and Entrepreneurship Educator with 6 + years in the classroom.

Here’s what you can expect from this group:

• Free Over the Shoulder Business Start-Up Training • Weekly Teach and Online Marketing Savvy Tips • Monthly Live Side Hustle Updates • Free Monthly Challenges • Surprise Pop-up Training's • Frequent One-on-One Coaching Giveaways • Guest Experts Takeovers • Monthly Member Spotlights

Are you ready? If you are ready to earn from your Hobby and learn how to use online resources to market your business online and offline you are welcome to join the group on Facebook!


Free Learning Event!

Where do I start?

1) Help me find my Niche!

2) Expand my Brand!

3) Find my Purpose!



Mark your calendars for Thursday, May 21st at 4:00 pm. This "Side Hustle" mini course will cost just $37, it'll include:

  1. How to make a basic logo virtual lesson via ZOOM.

  2. 1 Free Basic Logo for your business

  3. 1 Free Social Media Marketing Post for your business

Early Registration, just for this group! It'll open tomorrow at 5pm and close this Friday at noon. I'll open it to the public after noon on Friday. ONLY 15 Spots Available!

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