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How to Travel the World with your Family (Almost Free)!

Did you say almost FREE Ashley? So, let's be honest, we travel as family A LOT! Yes, a family of 5. That includes myself, my husband, 2 boys, and 1 baby girl. We've opt to travel during holidays, kids birthdays, and our school breaks. Because we travel so much it's important that I find the deals and family-friendly resorts that help us continue to good stewards over our finances.

How the Travel the World with Your Family (Almost Free)

Wait, Ashley are you serious you're traveling with a family of yearly for almost free? I am a PLANNER I have to create a calendar for our lives a year in advance because my husband is a fireman and my oldest son plays travel ball. Fire fighter families know the hassle of even making time for each other with their 24-hour demanding schedule. And any sports family....that has a child that participates in travel ball knows that the schedule is very demanding.

Every year our travels look like this:

  1. Hubby and Me Kid Travel (No Kids)

  2. 4 Family Travel Trips: One International (1 full week) and Three Domestic (4 to 5 Days)

  3. Couples Trip (We're hoping to Add)

I know you're saying oh no, we can't afford that many travels with a family size. Did you know it is possible. We normally only pay 30% of the cost for our travels, that's darn near FREE in my house. I try my hardest to find 4-star and above all-inclusive resorts that fit our our budget. Being able to comfortably travel with three kids and knowing that we are not breaking the bank, keeps us both happy as a married couple and parents.

Here in the pictures above we took a 6-day Family Trip to the Nickelodeon Resort in Punta Cana

So let me give you the tea....

1. PLANNING: This is the main piece to the travel puzzle. Every January I am thinking of ideal places that;ll fit our budget. Take time to write down bucket list places and place the year next to them.

2. BOOKING IN ADVANCE: I book our vacation way before time, at least 8 to 9 months in a advance. Did you know? Many air lines like Delta and Southwest offer incentives to early bookings. The incentive is cheaper prices. 1) You are helping them schedule their pilots and staff accordingly and 2) They know someone booking that in advance is guaranteed not cancel their plans. The same with an resort, the less rooms resorts don't have to sell to Expedia and others makes this happier.

3. FINANCES: I know you're saying, the using a charge card or something to be able to book in advance! Yes, we do have a Travel Rewards Credit Card with Bank of America, we gain points when we travel or make purchases. I am BIG on having a good to great credit score/history. So you are not good with budgeting and paying bills you may find what I'm saying hard to believe. Well, I've found that paying my bills and purchasing groceries help me gain points towards my travels. Yes, I pay charges off monthly to keep that good credit standing. But, how are you booking the flights so early without using your credit card? We SAVE, SAVE and SAVE more for each trip. That's why planning is the very important puzzle piece to the travel. This savings in a separate account from our other savings. It's called the "Travel Fund". This is where all and any extra dollars go. So you heard extra money, check this out:

  • I love creating "Side Hustles" that beings money into the household. There are so many opportunities for people to use their talents & hobbies, and make money from it without breaking a sweat. Join my Facebook Group "Side Hustle School" to learn how your "Hobby can turn to Income."

  • EBATES: I am a shopper, couponer, and shopper! Every time I purchase something online from the kids, hubby, or myself (i.e. Macy's, Dick's Sporting Goods, or Amazon) I get paid to shop. Say what!!! This is amazing, so every check I receive from Ebates, goes to the travel fund.

4. Who do you use as an airline...Whoever has an awesome deal! We have travels rewards with United Airlines, Delta Airlines, and Southwest Airlines. But, I can say for the last few years we've found Southwest to be most affordable when it came booking flights and family friendly ( we are never separated when it came to seating).

Looking for Deals and the Best Family Travels .....Visit Savvy Travels, you'll find the best deals for your family travels.

I really hope this help with your family travels in the future!

Love always,


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