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How to Travel the World with your Family (Almost Free)!

Did you say almost FREE Ashley? So, let's be honest, we travel as family A LOT! Yes, a family of 5. That includes myself, my husband, 2 boys, and 1 baby girl. We've opt to travel during holidays, kids birthdays, and our school breaks. Because we travel so much it's important that I find the deals and family-friendly resorts that help us continue to good stewards over our finances.

How the Travel the World with Your Family (Almost Free)

Wait, Ashley are you serious you're traveling with a family of yearly for almost free? I am a PLANNER I have to create a calendar for our lives a year in advance because my husband is a fireman and my oldest son plays travel ball. Fire fighter families know the hassle of even making time for each other with their 24-hour demanding schedule. And any sports family....that has a child that participates in travel ball knows that the schedule is very demanding.

Every year our travels look like this:

  1. Hubby and Me Kid Travel (No Kids)

  2. 4 Family Travel Trips: One International (1 full week) and Three Domestic (4 to 5 Days)

  3. Couples Trip (We're hoping to Add)

I know you're saying oh no, we can't afford that many travels with a family size. Did you know it is possible. We normally only pay 30% of the cost for our travels, that's darn near FREE in my house. I try my hardest to find 4-star and above all-inclusive resorts that fit our our budget. Being able to comfortably travel with three kids and knowing that we are not breaking the bank, keeps us both happy as a married couple and parents.

Here in the pictures above we took a 6-day Family Trip to the Nickelodeon Resort in Punta Cana

So let me give you the tea....

1. PLANNING: This is the main piece to the travel puzzle. Every January I am thinking of ideal places that;ll fit our budget. Take time to write down bucket list places and place the year next to them.