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How to Start Couponing for Beginners

What is Couponing? When you match a coupon with a sale priced item! A Couponer goal is to get the item at a rock bottom price. Couponers do not and will not pay more than they should for an item.

Sample Break Down:

Purchasing ALL Detergent from Dollar General

Regular Price $5.00

Sale Price $3.00

Coupon time......You have clipped a $2.00 off coupon for ALL Detergent

Now you will take the $3.00 (cost of detergent) deduct the $2.00 coupon = Paying Price is $1.00 per a bottle of Detergent.

**REMINDER: You can only use one coupon per item. So if you want 5 bottles of the ALL Detergent, you will need qty. 5 of the $2.00 off coupon for ALL Detergent.


When looking for coupons, you will normally look and clip high value coupons. So where will I clip and get these coupons from? I have listed helpful links that'll help you start saving money today!

Sites to find coupon deals:

Where to buy coupons?


Where to print coupons?

The best cashback mobile apps:

Ebates (Rakuten):


Couponing requires a lot of planning because you will get in the store and forget about the coupons. So I had to always tell myself, "Coupons are your Cash Money Ashley, then your slide the debit care." Couponing is not made for you to create a grocery list while in the store and then looking for a coupon....No! It requires you to follow the these steps below:

1. Plan Gather your printed or clipped coupon from the resources above!

2. Look in sales AD's for upcoming sales and match the sale items with you current coupons.

3. Prepare Use the FREE "Savvy Item and Coupon Checklist" below to list the items you've found on sale in the AD's and their coupons.

I have also found that using my "Savvy Item and Coupon Checklist" helped collect the coupons before I leave a home and items before I leave the store.

FREEBIE "Savvy Item and Coupon" here!

Savvy Item and Coupon Checklist
Download PDF • 42KB

4. ORGANIZE! Be sure to Paper Clip those items together. Immediately place in your coupons and checklist in your plastic envelope pouch. If you have one order at Amazon today, they come in cute colors an these will save your life for each store. I even color coordinated, each store had their own plastic pouch.

EnDoc Plastic Envelope 7 x 1/2 x 5 1/2 with Hook Loop Closure - Comes 6 per Pack - Assorted Colors...$7.99. Order today to get your started.

5. You ready to SAVE and build that stockpile!! Congratulations! You are officially a couponer!

Join my Google Classroom Group: You will continue to learn NEW Coupoing Methods, Deals, and how to keep Saving $$$ with daily leads and deals!

Class code: 3c4m45t


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