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How to Start Couponing for Beginners

What is Couponing? When you match a coupon with a sale priced item! A Couponer goal is to get the item at a rock bottom price. Couponers do not and will not pay more than they should for an item.

Sample Break Down:

Purchasing ALL Detergent from Dollar General

Regular Price $5.00

Sale Price $3.00

Coupon time......You have clipped a $2.00 off coupon for ALL Detergent

Now you will take the $3.00 (cost of detergent) deduct the $2.00 coupon = Paying Price is $1.00 per a bottle of Detergent.

**REMINDER: You can only use one coupon per item. So if you want 5 bottles of the ALL Detergent, you will need qty. 5 of the $2.00 off coupon for ALL Detergent.


When looking for coupons, you will normally look and clip high value coupons. So where will I clip and get these coupons from? I have listed helpful links that'll help you start saving money today!

Sites to find coupon deals: