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My Youth Code

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My Life Goals

Students learning in the importance of setting short term and longs goals leads to the KEYS to their Future. 

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Choosing the Path

Students learning how their short term & long term goals relates to college and career after high school.


Explore Your Future


Youth Code program creates access for teens and young adults (grade 6th -1 year college) to career skills trainings that'll help students become ready for college and the workplace. 

Through our well-thought-out curriculum designs, speaker series, courses, summer camps, and education, we can help you implement an efficient workforce management program that meets the needs of your workforce. 

Curriculum and Culture

Career and Technical and Agricultural Education (CTAE) prepares students for a wide range of high-wage, high-skill and in demand careers


Student who study CTAE in high school have many options upon graduations.

  • World of Work: Enter the workforce through an Apprenticeship program.

  • Certifications: Earn a Certification aligned with a specific career path.

  • College Degree: Degree leading to more opportunities within a specific career getting an Associate or Bachelor's.


​Youth Code program vision to provide students exploration to careers, post-secondary, and career readiness skills.

  • Prepares youth for a wide range of high-wage, high-skill, and high-demand careers.

  • Developing employability skills and engaging in work-based experiences.

  • Teaching Specific Career and Entrepreneurship skills to students in High School and College. 

Collaboration and Community

Building pipelines in the community with hands-on, skills-based education that better prepares them for future education or entering the workforce.


Academy Enrollment Information

At school

Small Online Class

In this ongoing online class, members will explore careers, colleges, and learn job readiness skills using interactive activities.



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