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Train and Retain Your Staff 

Our trainings goes through a rigorous creation process, with hours of research and review. To ensure that your staff is not only earning credit but learning from up-to-date research and topics they’re interested in. Our courses come in a variety of topics and disciplines, so you know your staff will always have new things to learn. 

  • Reduce staff turnover by investing in your team's long-term growth and knowledge.​

  • Show your staff you care by investing in their personal and career development.

  • Online training keeps everyone on the same page, learning from the same courses.

  • Productive Virtual learning experience.


Focus on popular Early Childhood Education (ECE) topics!

  • Diversity and Equity

  • Family, Business, and Community Partnerships

  • Professionalism and Leadership

  • Program Administration

  • Directors Basic 101

Our pricing is based on the number of employees, and the bigger your center the better the deal.
Family Child Care (3 to 5 professionals) | $250

Small Center/Business (6 to 10 professionals) | $400

Medium Center/Business (11 to 25 professionals} | $600

Large Center/ Business (26 to 50 professionals) | $800
Team Building Session

Want to talk to someone about Team Training? 

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